Questions and Answers.

Last year, when I graduated college (whoop!) I realized I had really gained a lot of weight. This is not something I normally think about because image is not something that registers as important on my scale. I became aware of this problem because none of my clothes fit me and I was forced to seek out larger and larger options. Once I was able to calm down from graduation, I realized I needed to raise the black flag and over take this problem. I gained 25 more pounds after making this realization and raising the black flag. Now, being quite a few months later I have resolved to be serious.


This has the following issues:

  1. What does being serious look like?
    1. Planning meals
    2. Planning workouts
    3. Losing weigh each week
  2. Is obsessing over this process making it worse?
  3. Is why I got this bad important?
  4. How do I uncover the underlying issue?
    1. Writing it out
      1. Negative feelings
        1. Sadness?
        2. Loneliness?
        3. Failure?
        4. Stupidity?
      2. What do I do once I know what the issue is?
        1. Plan for changing those feelings when they happen.
      3. How do I plan to succeed?
      4. What does success look like?
        1. Losing weight
        2. Being proud
      5. What is inhibiting that success?
        1. Excuses
        2. Lack of planning
        3. Lack of follow through
        4. Fear of failure

Reasons losing weight is the only option:

  1. To fit into the clothes in my closet
    1. Impact: much cheaper than buying new ones
  2. To look good naked
    1. Impact: hopefully to get it on.
  3. To expose the muscles I have underneath
    1. Impact: to grow said muscles and bring them to the gun show.
  4. To stop holding myself back
    1. Impact: I’ve noticed the more weight I put on the less I want to do anything
  5. To not get sore or winded when I do basic stuff


The purpose of this blog is a platform for discovery and reflection, which I think is encompassed by the title. When a pirate ship would see another ship they would raise the black flag in a hope that she would surrender or give them a good fight. That is how I see most of life’s events. On this you can find generous discussion on various lifestyle and personal issues.